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PC: 54 clones !

Info Homepage Direct Download Size Status Type Short comments
DX Boulderdash You're Here !! DXBoulderV042.zip 587K V0.40 Freeware Well, ... :-), the one with the most potential !
BD4 The BD4 Home page bd4.zip 150K V2.00 Freeware Very active online competition !
Boulderoid Boulderoid Homepage Boulder13.zip 360K V1.3 Freeware includes leveleditor
heartslight Epic Puzzle pack   574K V1.0 Shareware 19$ by Epic Megagames
Crystal mine Crystal Mine Crysm110.zip 104K V1.10 Shareware ??  
Duff none duff10.zip 367K V1.0 Shareware 12$ Beautifull graphics - good gameplay
Xbd none Xbd2_src.zip 173K V2.0 Freeware Very basic - includes C source
Supaplex Supaplex Homepage Supaplex.zip 238K V1.0 Public Domain ? Lots of (pretty good) levels
Igor The Igor Homepage Igordmo1.zip 366K Demo Demo Supaplex 2 in development
Trugg Digital Workshop trg101e.zip 681K V1.0 Shareware 22$ Some interesting objects - nice graphics
Diamond caves II Diamond productions DiamondCavesII.zip 960K V1.1 Shareware 27$ very, very good! ,heaps of levels + editor
Jeddeloh N-Factor Jeddeloh.zip 31K V1.0 Freeware Funny docs - written for 32K compo
Felix none   37K v1.0 Freware Very very basic
Dash none   225K V1.05 Freeware written for a science project or something
MrMatt MrMatt Homepage MrMatt32.zip 576K V2.09 Shareware 16$ Collect apples. Very nice !
Windash none windash.zip 216K V1.0 Shareware 15$ Simple boulder clone
Hero's heart none Hero11.zip 121K V1.1 Shareware 15$ old dos game. Still very well made !
Boulderdash none Bdash.zip 13K V1.0 Freeware old authentic conversion
Lomax Boulders LomaxSoft Boulders.zip 472K V1.0 Shareware 30$ Dos game. Pretty good
Lomax Boulders II LomaxSoft lb2.zip 516K V1.0 Shareware 30$ more of the same
Wander Shaun Flisakowski Wander10.exe 1.3M V1.0 Shareware 20$ complex Mr Matt type game, coded in delphi
BoulderdashPC Franz Polzer's Page Boulder.zip 75K V1.0 Demo a DirectX emerald clone in development
Boulder Rush 6502 and BR page Boulder.zip 165K V1.0 Freeware a DirectX authentic C64 boulderdash
Rock none Rock.zip 69K n.a. Shareware 17$ the original bd levels in pretty nice graphics
Bluppo Webfoot games Bluppo.exe 975K n.a. Shareware 30 $ Looks like james pond ! cute.
Diamond none Diamond.zip 117K n.a. Freeware 15 levels. rather basic.
Bdash vruchtbare HP Bdash 107K n.a. Freeware Little home made boulder with editor
Repton Paul Bieles Games repton.zip 119K n.a. Freeware Suuuper fast simple repton clone
Roxxzer Dazed productions Roxxzer.zip 5K n.a Freeware An ascii boulder in ASM: 5 K !
Bash none Bash.zip 61K V1.0 Freeware Cute dos Boulder, original levels.
Crystal Quest 2 Fapatsa cquest2.zip 80K demo Freeware Written in Qbasic by 15 year old Simon Foster
Dig Dazed production Dig.zip 5K n.a Freeware Another 256 byte ASM boulder
Mini-Diggers 256 bytes compo digger.zip 21K n.a. Freeware all the 5 contestants, all 256 bytes !!!
Digging Jim Persei Entertainment Digjim.zip 4M 1.0 Shareware 20$ Very, Very Nice ! Not very much objects ...
Hero Everett Kaser Hero.zip 122K V1.0 Shareware 20$ Boulderlike, not very playable
Rocks'n'diamonds artsoft rocks120.zip 2.3M V1.2 Freeware Another multi-compatible player, with source
Boulders Martins homepage boulder.zip 56K n.a. Freeware Not very playable - with editor and 30 levels
Boulderdash PC Scott Tunstall boulder.zip 140K n.a. Freeware includes source, has 2 player simultaneous option
Shailoo Canopus Shaidemo.exe 475K demo Shareware 25$ Repton clone - nice but commercial
Lomax Boulders III LomaxSoft lb3.zip 502K V1.0 Shareware 30$ The third version ! Not as good as Lomax II
Digger Ritchy Digger.zip 23k n.a. Freeware Boulderdash at lightspeed: a 8086 needed :-)
Boulderdash Sidlo Homepage Boulderdash.exe 197K n.a. Freeware ..... yuk, completely unplayable, terrible
Project BDC Ader software ------------------- --- n.a. Freeware a boulder in development using allegro
Boulder Croc '98 Gau Patrice Page bcroc98b.zip 2M 1.0 Freeware Another Allegro-DJGPP Boulder
Boulder dash 2000 Magnetiq bd2k05b.zip 176K 0.5 b Freeware Very nice Site !!!!!
BoulderLand none BoulderLand.zip 172K 1.1 Freeware A bit too fast for a pentium ....
New Dash Dimension The new Dash Dimension sfx.exe 295K 2.1 Shareware Very authentic, great compatibility with original C64 Boulders
BoulderCash none Bouldercash.zip 194K 1.0 Freeware  
Splash Dream-design Splash.zip 197K demo Freeware written in QBasic,not so bad considering that. With Editor.
Boulderdash emulator none pcdash.zip 70K 1.1 Freeware Very close to the original. lot's of C64 levels.
Miner Robot M. Luthers Freeware miner.exe 40K 1.0 Freeware Dos game: multiple spritsets, extra leves. Well done !
Rock Basher Rocbasher Homepage RockbasherDemo.zip 1.2M Demo Freeware in DirectX.


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Info Homepage Direct Download Size Status Type Short comments
Emerald Mines            
Diamond caves I & II Diamond productions         very complete
Boulderdaesh   boulderdaesh.lha 2.0M V4.22 Shareware 20$ perfect c64 bd clone, includes LOTS of levels
Bulder   bulder.lha 305K      
Abdash   abdash11909.lha 261K      
Forgotten Mines (EM 6)           tons of new objects
    littleboulder.lha 95K V1.0    
Aboulderdash     98K     includes editor and source code (assembler)
Dizzy Lizzy     240K     An Amos game: the looks are cute but very system unfriendly.
Take the money     6K     little boulderdash with integrated editor (only 2 levels present)
BoulderBash     37K   Demo  
Boulderdash 3D     592K     very impressive 3d-game. Fast !
MiniDash     268K      
Balder's Grove     125K      
Boulderdash 64     286K      
Rocky     48K V1.0    
Minetrasher     232K     boulderdash inspired flying Space game.
Cave runner     72K      
Robouldix     220K      
Apple Hunt     190K      


Unix / Linux

Info Homepage Direct Download Size Status Type Short comments



Info Homepage Direct Download Size Status Type Short comments



Info Homepage Direct Download Size Status Type Short comments


Java / Shockwave: online

Info Homepage Status Short comments
BD4 The BD4 Home Page    
Boulderdash BoulderDash java    
Boulderdash Boulder-Dash-Clone (java)    
Monkey Maze Shockrave games   Made in Shockwave !!!
SW Boulderdash SW Boulderdash beta 3 another Shockwave !
Jboulder Jboulder n.a. with sourcecode in java!


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