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All coding and frontend graphics by Stefan Verheyen.

Thanks to Paul Williams for helping me with the BD4 compatibity.

The MagicP Spriteset is partially grabbed from the game 'Magic Pockets' by the Bitmap Brothers, and adapted by Stefan Verheyen.

I'm slowly replacing all the Magic Pockets sprites with my own, so please forgive me right now for using some of the works of the Bitmap Brothers.

The Emerald Spriteset is partially an adaption from the Diamond Caves version (by Peter Elzner) of the original Emerald mine sprites.
The new Emerald sprites are by Stefan Verheyen.

The EmeraldBig Spriteset is based on the Emerald set, adapted by Stefan Verheyen, All new Objects by Stefan Verheyen

The Fruity Caves Spriteset is based on graphics by Kevin Saunders, adapted by Stefan Verheyen


Most of Levels are not designed by me:

The credits for the Levelsets can be found in LevelCredits.txt