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the DX-Editor v 0.22 beta

The leveleditor for DX Boulderdash V0.43 will be released very soon, in the meantime: Here's the one for V 0.42.

The DX-Editor is released!

With the editor you can create and edit your own levels and import/export levelfiles from other Boulderdash clones.


Future implementation currently under construction:

You can find it at the download section

You are all encouraged to create your own levels! Mail them to me, and I'll will release new Level-collections.

This is also a beta releas, so probably, there are still some bugs left.

If you have any problems with the editor: drop me a mail.


Some things to consider:

Test Level in BD4:

This will copy the level to the Demo level in BD4 (in the bd4.lev file) and start bd4.

So, you don't have to load a player, just press "start demo".

This function only works with the older version of bd4 (BD4 v 1.2). BD4 v2.0 has a protection for the demo-level and refuses to work if it's changed.

If you want to test your levels in BD4 v2.0. Save the entitre levelmap in emerald mine format as bd4.lev and replace the existing file.

WARNING: playing other levels than the official bd4 ones, will make your bd4 ticket file corrupt! (It doesn't say this, but believe me: it does). so: use a COPY of bd4.lev and your ticket to test your levels. don't try to check in a ticket that has been used with other levels: It won't work.

So: you can't use this editor to cheat on BD4 :-) .

Also: all objects that are unknown to BD4 (like electrons, tubes, disks ...) will be converted to rocks by default. All levels will be 64x32 size. Smaller level will be filled with wall, Bigger levels will clipped.
The same restriction apply when exporting a level to the Emerald mine format.


Importing single levels will overwrite the old ones (without warning), so be carefull, especially when selecting multiple files.

For full use, specify the location of DX-Boulderdash in the options menu in the editor.

When converting levels from one boulder-clone to another, it's very possible that some things are altered slightly, resulting in different behaviour. So, it's not a fact that all converted levels are solvable without editing them a bit.

This is mainly the case for Supaplex and boulderoid levels. (all objects of those 2 games are not fully supported yet by DX-Boulder ...)