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The goal of writing this game is to achieve eventually a Universal Platform Game Player.

A player that has as much platform game elements as possible in a very flexible engine so you can use a level-Editor to create any level you want, with building blocks ranging from the classic tile based platformers to heavy arcade shoot-em-ups .

The first step is to have a Universal Boulderdash Player. That is a player that can read all of the level files of the very numerous Boulderdash implementations and spinoffs, convert them, and, if all goes well, ........ hmm ....... play them.

At the moment the level formats of Emerald mines (and BD4), Abdash, Boulderoid and Supaplex are supported. Forgotten Mines (Emerald mine 6) and Diamond Caves import filters are under construction.

Right now, the main goal is to get 100% Emerald mine (and BD4) compatibility.

Well, let’s say the counter reaches 92 % at the moment .......

Do you have ideas about what a Universal Platform Player should be all about, I'm very interested them.