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System Requirements

Dx-Boulderdash needs at least version 3 of DirectX to run. But that shouldn't be a problem nowadays. (and it needs Windows offcourse).

It runs fine on my Pentium 90.
On a 486 75. it runs, but rather slowly.
On my PII 350 it runs like a rabbit.

The game-engine is not boulderdash-specificly optimised to give maximum flexibility for future expansions, so I don’t know if it runs terribly well on a 486.

if it doesn't run properly, please mail me with your System setup.

Basicly, it'll run on everything capable of running at least win95 and DirectX 3

For sound you need a soundcard that supports Directsound.

Some things to consider:

A 'speed' option is included in the options menu.

The game is tested on Windows95, Windows98 and Windows NT 4.0 .

Reports have been made that DX-Boulder doesn't restore the system colors properly on Windows 98 beta 3.

I'll fix that (some day) .