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whatever versus whatever

Marco Arment "translates" (or trashes) The Ars Technica Galaxy Tab 10.1 review.

Translation: Android tablets have managed to copy the iPad's hardware well enough - the easy part - but have failed to provide good software and significant third-party app choice - the hard part.

So, with similar hardware with similar capabilities selling at similar prices, why should someone choose an Android tablet over an iPad?

Only die-hard Android fans should buy this, and even most of them won't enjoy it.

Dude, why so narrow minded?
You love your iPad. Good for you.
Why is it so hard to see that other people have other needs, tastes and preferences?
The ongoing Android versus IOS debate is a moot point.
You know that shouting game? 2 groups of kids shouting which is the better color, Red or Blue
Same thing.
(and FYI, scientific study shows that red seems to have the upper hand )
It's like arguing which soccer team is better, FS Barcelona or Manchester United.
Which is the better car? BMW or Mercedes ?

In fact: even more scientific studies point out that the love for all things Apple is like a religion
No point in arguing.
People are grasping at whatever they can just to defend "their side": objectivity is for the weak!

I too have my preference and without emotional arguments I can simply observe my own behaviour:
I'm not a die-hard Android fan but I'm a die-hard tablet fan.
I have both an iPad and Android tablets in various sizes.
The iPad is a very nice toy and yet: when I crash in the couch, when I'm on the train, when I'm answering nature's call in the bathroom, when I'm in a meeting ... it's an Android tablet that's with me.
As smooth and fun as the iPad may be, the Android tablets are just more functional and easier for the things I want to do.
I'm not saying an Android tablet is better, I'm saying it's better suited for me.

If mister Arment can't see why some people prefer an Android tablet over the iPad then he certainly isn't troubled with an overly broad perspective.
Oh well, each to his own.

but if we all can agree that this debate is pointless, let's avoid polluting the interwebs (and my feedreader) with such garbage and focus on building kick ass applications, shall we.
On whatever platform, using whatever technology.

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