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Video editing

I did a lot of research in video-editing and conversion software the past days.
The reason was that my all my new mobile gadgets spit out mp4 video nowadays, and my good-old video setup of virtualDub - Multiquence and Premiere pro didn't cut it anymore.

So .. the verdict:
Video conversion: Super
It's freeware but its in the top 10 of most amazing softaware pieces I have ever seen ...

Video editing
Sony Vegas 6
Premiere Pro 2 still is very good, but for mp4 video Vegas 6 seems to do a better job. Also the realtime preview really fast! on overal performance, it runs circles around premiere !

Update 22:56
Hmmm ... this is interesing for my online image library script "blikvanger": pure ASP functions for reading the EXIF data from an image
now I should combine this with some geotagging abilities to place my pics on the map without using flickr or whatever 3th party. Geef je reactie (1)