Steffest Digitale Pulptuur

Vasarely whas a visionary indeed ...

Speaking of maps ...
Look at this picture: the left part you get when you go to the starting point of the yahoo map service and zoom in.
It's an ariel view of a (BIG !) piece of farmers land in the US.
The right part is a painting done by vasarely done in the 70's.
OK, the scale is a bit different, the part on the left measures about 320 kmē, but still ... Vaserley obviously was first and if he had bothered to file some pattents ... those farmers would be in serious trouble !

But seriously, what's the purpose of these round fields? must be some kind of automated machinery running around 24/7 in expanding circles. Some quick match shows that you loose 21,5 percent of your surface though.
Certainly some clever mind has come up with automated farmer machines that can do squares too?
Jeez ... that big circle is 1800 meters across ... BIG ! Geef je reactie (0)